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  • 部落冲突刷宝石

    產品概要: The 19th Asian Games will be held in hangzhou in 2022.The Hangzhou Olympic Stadium is the venue of the 2018 fina world championships (25m). Shanghai Standard Lighting is honored to provide the Stadium with a full set of lighting design and
  • 產品概要: Shanghai haichang Ocean Park is a well-known theme park in China, and our New Vision floodlight 160W is used for the main lighting of the pavilion in the project to expand the venue in 2018.
  • 產品概要: Built in 2012, it was rated as the first hockey filed with LED lighting in Europe. We are so proud to the designer and the fixture manufacturer.
  • 產品概要: We are excited to be involved in amusement park lighting, although it is not our regular business. We took the royal blue chip from Philips luxeon M, built in the new vision flood light and drive to 260w.
  • 產品概要: It is an indoor handball court in Norway, with Rena 265w 4000w 90 degree. Rena is standard IK 10, it is absolutely safe with any ball impact.
  • 產品概要: Climbing gym is actually very narrow area with very high ceiling. There is no better choice than Rena because of its compact housing and multiple beam angle.
  • 產品概要: It is a retrofit to led lighting, done in 2013 in Japan. The Aurora complies with EN. 62471, it provides the students safe lighting